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budsterMarch 16, 2011

Seeing as my supply of regular sugar is high and the icing sugar bag is empty.....has anyone made icing sugar using a blender or magic bullet ? If so did you notice any difference in the taste, texture of the icing when you made it up? And yes this belongs here vice cooking forum because regular sugar is cheaper than icing sugar in my area.

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You can easily make powdered (confectioner's) AND brown sugar from granulated sugar. Since the Magic Bullet doesn't have a large capacity you might start with blending 1/2-cup of granulated sugar (1/2 c. granulated sugar will equal 1/2-cup powdered sugar). Use immediately, or if you want to store it add 1 T. cornstarch to each 1/2 c. of granulated sugar to make powdered sugar, to help keep it free-flowing.

When using it for icing, add the cornstarch in with the granulated sugar. On-line instructions say some recipes require a binding agent in the powdered sugar to work properly, so include a tablespoon of corn starch per cup of sugar during the blending process. It won't affect the taste but will help the powdered sugar mix properly with other ingredients.

Word of caution.... Sugar in a blender with a plastic bowl can scratch it.

You may want to sift the powdered sugar through a very fine-mesh sifter to use it for icing. When you read in older recipes to use 10X, 6X and 4X powdered sugar, those numbers indicate the size of the mesh used to sift it. 10X is the smallest and the powdered sugar is sifted finer.

To make brown sugar:
1# granulated sugar PLUS 3-ounces molasses (by weight on a scale, not liquid measure). Process about 1 minute in food processor.


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thank you grainlady..I can't wait to try this out.

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