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reduc500June 2, 2005

I had to snap a picture of this house about 3 miles from us. It is hard to believe people can live like this. The house is hard to see. It's in the back on the left. They have bags of garbage lined up on both sides of the driveway. We can't figure out how they get out of their vehicle!! The funny thing is they are real nice people!

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LOL yeah, we have some real winners around here too. Just yesterday I passed by this house where you never see ANYONE come out, and their yard is almost never mowed. It had grown to about 3 feet--a real field, until yesterday, when two teenagers were out there trying to weed-whack it. What a sight. The owner of the house must have been the rather large man I saw watching over them. The township must have told them to shape it up LOL

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LOL Judy those folks used to live next door to us :)

They were a really nice couple but I always wanted to grab them and the kids and give them a scrub and you couldn't get into the house through the mess. As the lady did anything in the kitchen she would throw the scraps and rubbish onto the floor behind her and then sweep it into the corner every now and then.

I actually used to like going there as it made our house seem so spotlessly clean afterward


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They had to move from their other house because the fire company condemned it when they had a chimney fire. They had dirt floors in that house. This one is right next door to the other one and the even funnier thing is this is a step up from the other house!!!

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Sue, Ew! I think we have some of that kind two doors down from us---our poor 80-year-old neighbor says the family next to him STINKS, so badly that he can't keep his kitchen window open. I have issues with the way they ignore their dog & keep him chained 365/24/7, but that's a whole 'nother story....oh how I wish we could buy a farm, and have NO neighbors.....

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