Just Before You Finish A Tut......

flutteringbyJune 26, 2006

Hi All,

I just finished a tut by Abby's Alley Graphics & More......& she had this interesting little tidbit at the end:

"When you are nearing the end of a tutorial & before doing a final save, you can go to Image > Image Information & click on the "Creator Information" tab. In the description field, add the tutorial name, url (& other info, such as font used etc) Then save as a PSP file. That information is saved along with the image. The next time you say to yourself, "I wish I could remember which tut I used" you will have all the info available in the image itself.

Then do your final save & export as a .jpg"

This tip is similar to the one that we XP users do with a .jpg image......right click on the .JPG > Properties > Summary & add dates, ages, names of people, places etc. that are in the .jpg......the digital equivalent of writing on the back of a photo!.... : ))


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Thanks Flutteringby, both are great tips, I wasn't aware of either.

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Wow. Hope I can remember to do that. Thats a great idea.

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WOW Didn't even realise that was an option.
LOL Thank you for teaching me a new tick.
Sue :)

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Thank you so much for posting these two tips - I had never heard of either one - wonderful information!


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As I said, I wasn't aware of the Psp tip but I think its great....you can add any info that you want!

Once you XP users start adding info to your .jpg images; you will find that when you rest your pointer on that .jpg thumbnail or icon, all the info will appear in the little "balloon" that appears....so you don't have to keep going to properties to view the info....

Aren't these computers amazing??.....lol...


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