What's going on?

fun2golfJune 5, 2006

I know I haven't been in here in a while, but what's with the Oscar Myer commercial? Every time I click to go back, that stupid commercial comes on. Is anyone else having that problem.


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o.k. it's not doing it right now.

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Bev- were you dreaming? I didn't see any oscar mayer commercial! haah

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LOL I don't see Oscar Myer either but I do have the right side of the screen taking up with this:
clip this post email this post what is it?
see the most clipped and recent clippings.

I haven't clicked or clipped on it but it sure is annoying!
I also had problems last week of needing to log in EVERY time I came here.

Sue :)

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I've got the clipping thing too Sue.

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I've got the clipping crap too!
Just came today!
Also had the having to log in issue last week.
Ohhhhh Spike, Where are U? Come back!


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No, I'm not dreaming..It's doing it again. every time I click on the back arrow, I get a video commercial. This time it's advertising South Beach Diet...What a pain in the neck.

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If you're finding the obnoxious advertising annoying why not make it go away? It's easy to do. I don't spend a lot of time on these forums, but when I do I never see any ads of any kind ever -- even the green bar at the top of this screen is just an empty green bar. It's easy to shut them down.

For Windows XP users (I'm assuming thats most folks) there is a system file named hosts (no extension). It's location:


Open your hosts file with Notepad. Ignore what may already be there and cut and paste the following into the file: localhost amch.questionmarket.com a820.g.akamai.net iv.doubleclick.net i.ivillage.com m.2mdn.net tste.ivillage.com img-cdn.mediaplex.com ads.vmirror.com cmhtml.ivillage.overture.com ads.pointroll.com spe.atdmt.com tste.gardenweb.com ivillageglobal.112.2o7.net speed.pointroll.com

Save the file. Close and re-open your broswer and you'll never see another iVillage ad.

Take Care

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