Dry Well Repair

newgardenApril 9, 2010

I was hoping someone could help me. My clothes washer drains into a dry well. For a while now, the water has been pooling around the well pipe. I can also see soap suds bubbling up out of the well. For the past month, some water from the washer has been backing up into the laundry room. This doesn't happen every time I wash, but often enough. My husband opened the top of the well and removed alot of sludge. This helped for a few days, but then it started happening again. I'm assuming the well is clogged with lint. Can it be cleaned out, or does a new one need to be dug? Who would I call for this? Thanks for any information!

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Using a drywell for this is not a good idea. In many locations it is illegal to dump this into the ground. The soap residue will clog the the drainage areas of the well. Add to that the lint and it will seal the well completely over time.
Reroute the water to the cesspool or sewer.

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I guess I will check with the township. This was the setup in place when we bought the house 10 years ago. What you say makes sense, and I suspect is what is happening here, but I have also read that having the laundry water discharge into the septic is bad for the septic. In either case, can you tell me if I would call a plumber to do this? Thanks for taking the time to respond!

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You can dig around the drywell, remove the soil, and replace with new gravel. This whould re store the function without getting into replacing the drywell.

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Thank you. I think that is what I'm going to try.

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