dyeing a bed skirt......advice?

shirleyannMarch 19, 2003

Hi.....just got a new mattress.....and the bedding....big money spent! I can use the old bed skirt but I'd like to dye it ivory.....has anyone dyed anything lately? It has been so long since I did.....the fabric is a combined cotton and poly...I appreciate any ideas you have!



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for most cotton poly blends I use twice the amount of dye recommended. Poly cotton blends don't seem to take the dye as good as 100% cotton.


PS, liquid dyes are more potent.

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can you dye something a LIGHTER color than it is originally? I'd think that would be chancy. What color is your bedskirt now?

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The bedskirt is now white and I want to make it ivory.....I think that will work okay.....altho I am having seconds thoughts about it fitting the new deeper mattress......sigh....why do they always change things on us? I love my old sheets as they are so soft! Guess they want us to buy, buy, buy......I will try it on before dyeing....

Thanks for your replys.....I might make this work!

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Do you know what kind of fabric it is?

You could tea dye the fabric.

But if you have any stains (even ones you can't see) they will stain differently than other parts of the fabric.

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