please review my kitchen layout

lexmomof3April 14, 2013

Please review my kitchen layout. thanks!

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Here is the CAD drawing of the cabinets. I've noted the corner cabinet as it is a little hard to tell what that is in the drawing. Also, some of the cabinets have numbers on them. These are just reference numbers not sizes. The size is above the cabinet.

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A floor plan with dimensions would be more helpful.

Also more info about what's on the blank sides of the drawing.

Elevations CADs don't tell much about the space, and the cab layout doesn't include info about aisle widths and the text is too small to read.

(It's easy to sketch out a measured drawing on graph paper. You can ddownload grpah paper from the net. Use a fine pen with dark ink for the items you are planning to have. Note dimensions. Virtually no drawing skills necessary, and way easier to noodle around with and to make changes than on computer plans.)

Just looking at the plan you have one issue which will immediately generate comment here. Your range (at least I think it must be your range, not sure) is almost opposite the sink creating a two-butt obstacle if more than one person is working at the zones. Not to mention when the oven door is open or the dishwasher door is down. In those cases the appliance doors will create dangerous barriers.

Of course if your aisle is quite wide then this doesn't apply, which is why measurements of the kitchen are critical to get the best help here.

Have you ready the "New The Kitchen Forum Thread, Read me"? It's usually somewhere on the first page. It's very helpful for someone wanting assistance (helps us help you) and also explains some of the common issues about planning.

My personal thing is thinking about the flow of food within your kitchen as a first step. How it arrives, where it is stored, how it gets from storage to work zones, then to cooking or plating (or both) and then back.

A floor plan allows you to find the bottlenecks and backtrack points that will degrade the functionality of your new kitchen.

Looking forward to a floor plan sketch and more info about what you're trying to do with your kitchen.



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Sophie Wheeler

Too much focus on symmetry to the detriment of function. Despite the seeming amount of space, this is a single person's kitchen. And not even a very functional single person's kitchen. With the sink on the island, you don't have much room for it to be useful for prep because it also has to do duty for cleanup. There's a lot of space between the fridge and the range, but it's not useful for functionality. Sure you can keep some small appliances there, but it won't enhance the traffic patterns. Same with the right side of the range. That's totally wasted space, because it's in the wrong space.

I'd focus on getting a prep sink in the layout, on the island, and moving the range over for the fridge to be relocated. Move the cleanup sink to the left, across from your dish hutch, where it's just a couple of steps to store your dishes. Now you have a tighter, better flow for prep, and a second person can help to clean at the same time, and a third can get access to the fridge and MW without getting in your cooking zone. I don't know what you envisioned using the butler's pantry for. It was traditionally used to store and clean serveware for formal occasions. But, if you put a bar sink and a beverage fridge there, it can serve as a beverage service area, be that coffee during breakfast, or cocktails during a party.

Since there are no dimensions for aisles, I'm only guessing here, but it appears that you don't have enough clearance for seating at the island. Better to have a nice hardworking island than one you try to shoehorn seating into and screw the whole thing up.

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