PSP 7 vs. ???

jennJune 21, 2008

I have Paint Shop Pro 7. I've barely used it and I'm using the Getting Started Guide that came in the box to learn the basics before I jump in to bigger things. I've scrounged around on the internet for tutorials and found some here and there.

I'm wondering if there is an advantage to buying PSP 8. What do I really gain that I don't have in PSP 7? I viewed a tutorial yesterday at that showed a menu in the New Image window from which to select many different pre-set image sizes and types; I don't see that menu in PSP 7 and I would like to have that feature.

Any insight would be appreciated.



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I definitely would not recommend PSP8. Nobody liked it as it was troublesome.

9 was highly liked by all and hard to get when they were ready to throw 8 in the trash so to speak.

I lucked out and found 9 after I ordered X but have been falling back on 7 only because it loaded faster and of what I needed PSP for it sufficed.

I haven't been doing any heavy work to have to use 9 or X so really can't tell all about them but do know they have a lot of useful tools that 7 doesn't have.

Can you still buy those???????

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Hi Jen,
I have 7,8,9,X, & XII. I absolutely hated 8 and uninstalled it as soon as 9 came out. Can't say I gave 9 a lot of time as by the time I got it X was available. I really liked X but always looking for something better I decided to upgrade to XII. Love it!!! I like the dark color of the workspace better than the others. I checked and all versions after 7 have the feature you are looking for with the different size image templates, new image, presets. Urlee is right about the time it takes to load the later versions, PSP 7 is really quick in comparison.
Here is what XII workspace looks like.


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Jen I forgot to say if you are looking for tuts, most will work with any version of PSP.

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