Super Blade Pro problem

amy_z6_swpaJune 19, 2005

Hi, when I apply the 'coconut ice' Super Blade Pro effect, it puts a black background behind whatever layer I'm trying to do the effect on. Can anyone help me solve this problem?

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Try selecting the things on the layer before applying the effect. Anytime I have forgotten to select first I get a mess like that.

Easiest way to get everything selected is to use Ctrl+A, Ctrl+F, Shift+Ctrl+F (Select All, Float Selection, De-Float Selection).

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Thanks, I thought that was working (looked good in the preview) but then I hit apply and the black still appeared. The effect itself doesn't even show up clearly either. I used the magic wand to clear away the black which worked well, but the text effect does not look quite right.

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hmmm... Haven't had that happen, although I have had a problem with SBP not working as well with PSP9 as it did with PSP8. It doesn't seem to 'hold' settings; if I apply a preset and then come back to do the same again, the settings are the same but it looks totally different. Have to re-select the preset to get it to apply right.

I wonder if SBP might need to be re-installed.

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