IDEAS ?? changing closet to cat box holder

cottagecindyApril 11, 2012

ok I know this sounds crazy.... and I'm sorry if I put this thread in the wrong category. Here's the situation---

I have a walk-in closet (with a window.) approx 30" x 43" and I;ve installed a car door insert in the door to the closet. (It's an empty closet used just for this)

I have 2 jumbo litter boxes-no covers since big cats. and i have kickers (litter everywhere) and big guy who squats and sometimes pees over the side-so liquid goes on the floor

here's my current set-up: vinyl sheet flooring along carpeted floor and the vinyl goes up the sides of the walls about 2 feet high. I have the vinyl taped to the walls and in the bottom corners I've done slight cuts and taped them tightly so the corner goes up the wall.

The vinyl wears out, gets cracks,pee seeps to carpet...I sometimes have to step on it (try to avoid that since my weight can destroy the thin vinyl)

so here's what I'm begging all you smart awesome pros at projects like this--

any ideas to make my life more livable and not want to kill the cats (kidding here but I do lose it) I was thinking of shower pan liner? but to put on what base... and it needs to go up high since big boy cat can pee a foot off the ground -he does really try- and of course I need one area to be low since they do have to get in and out of the boxes and out the cat door. The trashcan I put the used litter in also sits on the floor area.

Any ideas would be soooooooo much appreciated. I don't want to have to constantly redo the lined closet over and over (that taping the vinyl/cutting is a real pain. THANKS in advance. Now brain storm! xoxoxox

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I'm thinking that "car door insert" is a typo and you mean "cat door insert"?

You could take up the carpeting. Cut it with carpet scissors at the doorway and roll it up and get it out of the way. Then you could buy a piece of sheet vinyl for floors and put it in its place and even curl it up the wall if you want.

Otherwise, I would suggest a piece of PVC (polyvinyl chloride) which is used to line pools.

Here is a link that might be useful: PVC pool liner

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yes oops a typo. a cat door insert.

I can't remove the carpet because it's a rental, not my house.

a pool liner? I'll check out that link. Will I puncture holes in it-- is it really strong? (I've grown up with in ground pools.)

I was hoping there was something strong and hard, like I wish I could get a clear lucite type big box with a cut out side. yeh I know, that kind of thing to be made custom would cost my rent........ :(

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Been there done that and sometimes simpler is better- just get taller boxes.

I use enormous storage containers with sides 16" tall- this was the height I needed with my cats to avoid overspraying, your guys may need more or less depending on size and postures.
I have steps going up into the boxes for the old and creaky and I keep an upside down smaller plastic shoebox sized container inside each box in case they feel the need to step on something to get out.

Be aware that technically, two boxes in one space are still only one territory so you are not getting the full benefits of having two boxes. If at all possible I would locate another somewhere else in the house so you have a second territory- this would mitigate territorial marking a great deal.

The cat door only entry is a tad problematical from a cats point of view as well- one entrance can be guarded, defended, and a weaker cat may avoid going in if there is only one exit. Boxes should be in an open area where they can see anything approaching and there need to be options for how they can escape. I would tend toward leaving the door open except on special occasions when visitors could see in.
This may not come up with two cats raised together, but it may someday so I would feel remiss if I did not mention it.

But yeah, taller boxes.

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