Tiling mistake. All my fault?

embethNovember 29, 2012

We're currently in the process of remodeling our bathroom. We are hiring the plumbing and tile work (including some carpentry to accommodate a shower, and new wall and floor tile) but are coordinating ourselves.

I was at work today when the tile person put up the first wall of wall tile, and I came home to discover that he did not put it up in the pattern I intended. (It's subway tile, and I intended it to go up in a staggered pattern to give it a vintage feel in our older home. The tradesman put of the tile in a grid pattern.)

I didn't specify the pattern--it just hadn't occurred to me that the "standard" way to put up the tile wasn't in a staggered pattern--so I feel responsible for the mistake. I am surprised the tradesman didn't ask about this, though, as we have discussed many other details about the tile work (conversations started both by me and by the tradesman.)

Does the tradesman bear any responsibility in this situation? I'm not happy about the mistake and the potential extra cost; but I _am_ happy with the work that this person does in general and don't want to ruin the relationship over this issue.

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The devil is in the details, and you had the details. If you didn't specify how you wanted it, the tradesman made a best guess. Sorry, but, you should have made it clear, IMO.

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Grid pattern for subway is not a "best guess" - more like the lazy guess. Get him to redo it and don't feel bad about it at all. Starting a tile job without knowing the pattern is dumb.

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Thanks for the replies. It appears that we had a conversation where he was asking about the tile pattern and I thought he was asking about something else. He was able to redo the tile work, and things are looking much better!

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I didn't specify the pattern


You were acting as your own general contractor and you were treated as one. Count yourself lucky that you got a sympathetic sub.

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