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NeedBeerNovember 17, 2011

Just had a painting contractor over. Need to get the popcorn off my ceilings, prep and paint them. Using his estimate ($7500) for about 1400 square foot of ceiling area (living and dining are vaulted 14 foot - rest is flat 8 foot ceilings), that works out to over $5 a square foot. seems really high.

i have calls in to others, but not had much luck getting any call backs. I already work over 80 hours a week, and dont have time to do it myself (did the master bedroom myself last year).

Anyone else have this done? what did you wind up paying for it? Thanks in advance.

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"Need to get the popcorn off my ceilings, prep and paint them".

More involved than that. Are you texturing the ceilings after removal or going smooth. For competent drywall/paint finishers, out here that wouldn't be too bad a bid for smooth if they are reputable, experienced finishers. Get references and check them along with making sure they are licensed and insured if licensing is a requirement in your area.

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Popcorn ceilings are usually done to hide a shoddy drywall job. It takes a LOT of effort to make bad drywall smooth enough to paint and look decent and not like ocean waves and troughs on the ceiling. It doesn't sound like such a bad quote to me if that's what you are having done.

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"Popcorn ceilings are usually done to hide a shoddy drywall job".

That's a common myth. Your not going to find many finishers willing to do a level 3 or 4 under an acoustic(popcorn) ceiling, but you still need to have level seams for a decent acoustic lid. You can't use the sprayed on material as a filler to fill unlevel areas and have it turn out decent. Personally I hate acoustic ceilings but still get calls for repairs aroound here as well as re-doing full lids. You still want a decent mud job underneath the acoustic for it to turn out nice.

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Thanks. I've had different people locally tell me that was way too high, even the painter himself said he could paint my whole house for less. Having done the Master Bedroom myself, I have some idea that the ceiling isnt horrible, but obviously there's a lot of ceiling left to uncover.

They are licensed, insured, and Angie's has a few good reviews, but not for this exact type of work. I guess I was expecting something more in the 4500 range. There's also stained wood trim work all over the place, I'm sure that adds to it also.

I really appreciate the response. I have another guy stopping by this afternoon (finally), recommended by a realtor friend, and I'll see what he says. If there's not much of a price difference, guess I'll have to bite the bullet.


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Where I live popcorn finish is for the sole purpose of avoiding the finish taping coat. It is is never done in a private residence but then textured finishes and even taped drywall is rare. So, it may be a regional thing.

I would consider installing a new layer of drywall (or blueboard if available) over the old finish. In my area that would provide a better finish at half the price.

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