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cocoonerJune 23, 2007

Hi there. I am having trouble with something that I would consider basic. I have a digicam that takes high resolution pictures. Sometimes I want to be able to make them smaller -about 130 to 400 pixels wide, depending on my needs. I just don't seem to be able to figure out how to do it. I know that I tried on Picasa software and it took a corner of the picture rather than shrink it evenly.

Could someone suggest some freeware that would be easy to use for this? I'm reasonably competent on a 'puter but this is giving me fits.

thanks, cocooner

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Try Infranview. Free and easy to use.

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Go to your pictures (graphics or signatures) in your computer,

Right click onto a picture, a box will open, left click "Edit",

A big box will open with your picture showing,

In the top bar, click "Image",

Then click "Stretch",

Another box will open and you can change the sizes there. I only change the top two sizes. And I am using 50 in both (There are two more, but I leave them alone). This cuts the photo by half. Just keep playing around with the size till you get what you want,

Then click "OK",

The new size will now appear,

Click "Files" in the top left hand side,

Click "Save as",

You now have a new small size picture. You can delete the larger size if you wish.

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