CertainTeed Shingle defects

grumpymanApril 7, 2009

I have the CertainTeed "New Horizon" fiber glass shingles. It looks like the discussion so far concern mostly the "organic" shingles and they are the ones being included in the class action lawsuits. I have made the official claim to CertainTeed concerning my shingles that are showing deep vertical cracks and a lot of grannule loss. They claim the shingles are not defective. Is there anyone out there that knows about any legal action for the shingles that I have? Thanks....grumpy

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A simple search should uncover any class actions.

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Yes, if your in Mn. you can enter a lawsuit that is winding down. The attorneys are suing for full replacement of the roof. Email me for more info.

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please help my roof is falling apart 8 years old i have certainteed sealdon organic shingles 651 442 3987

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