Painting counters and bath tile

esgaMarch 28, 2003

I see some of you have done this - could I get really detailed directions, like what you used to prepare the surface, what kind of primer and paint, etc? I want to do laminate kitchen counters and the tile around my bathtub. I have done bathroom tile before, but it chipped pretty quickly, even though I used a recommended-for-tile Sherwin Williams primer.

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Ask in the home decorating or Kitchen and bath forums.

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I can only advise on the laminate counters, since that it what I did.

1. Cleaned surface very well with soap and water, and rinsed about a million times.
2. If the surface hadn't been a textured laminate, I would have primed. But our laminate had a good "tooth" to it, and the paint stuck fine.
3. I used a faux technique to make the counters look like sandstone. I mixed 1 part latex semi-gloss to 4 parts faux finishing glaze. I had 3 colors, which I sponged on using a sea sponge.
4. 24-48 hours later, apply polyurethane. I did it too soon, and the paint hadn't completely cured in some areas. Those areas had chipping problems until I touched up and polyurethaned at the correct time. I used a very nice paintbrush to apply the poly in 10 coats all together. I went in different directions each time to prevent seeing the brushstrokes. You also have to be careful to not overwork the poly, or it will turn cloudy.

I did this last December and after the touch-ups, it is holding perfectly.

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10 coats of polyurethane - wow! How long did each one take to apply and dry? I can see keeping my cats off the counters for this long could be a problem. But I saw the pictures of your counter, and it is drop-dead gorgeous! I could re-laminate but it would never come out that beautiful! (Laminate is what I have now too).

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It only took 2 hours between coats, about 30 minutes to apply each coat. We had to lock the dogs out of the kitchen for 2 days so we wouldn't have dog fur permanently imbedded in the counter. Thanks for the compliments.

Oh yeah, here's a link to my website with the kitchen pics.

Here is a link that might be useful: Meghan's Kitchen

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but polyurethane costs money, too, as does all the paint you use. True, you got exactly the look you want, but by the time you pay for all the poly, wouldn't new laminate be about as much money? And more durable?

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Talley_Sue -
Color paint for the sponging:
2 quarts of Ralph Lauren satin ($13 each quart)
Copper glaze - $5?
Polyurethane - 2 quarts @ $10 each
Sandpaper and brushes - $5?

Total would be $50-75, with leftover paints for decorating other parts of the kitchen, and you aren't going to get anything made and installed for that, especially when there is an old top to be removed first.

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Holy guacamole!!!!! Your kitchen counters look beautiful. We just bought our home about a year ago and also have a western/Mexican decor. In my kitchen there is an ungly light blue counter top which I hate every time I look at it. I have priced what it would cost to get new countertops and decided I better just start saving up and dealing with it for now, until I came across your pictures. You mean I can actually do something like this. I must say I am a little intimidated. We have a lot, and I mean a lot of counter space. I would like more of a dark brown/black (I know that doesn't sound pretty, but Home Depot has a swatch of laminate that I liked) What do you suggest I do. I can't wait to hear from you. I am so excited!!!! Thanks in advance.

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