stardomJune 15, 2007

Just thought you might like to see one of my efforts, quite pleased with this one, I love Venice, we will be visiting in August. Hazel

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Is this from a tut? If so I would love the link. Very, very pretty.

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No Carol, its another of my put together ones. This is what I have been doing lately. Hazel

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Then you should definately join us at Bestlawn's. And you can share your tuts with us! Charlene who used to post here had written a few tuts and had invited all of us to come take a look, Elly is another former G&S poster who is there also. You can find Charlene aka arosegirl's original post here Come Check it out! and her invitation. It is very simple to join and everyone is so helpful and creative.

Here is a link that might be useful: Bestlawn's PSP Tutitorials

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This is very pretty, good work.

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Thank you for the compliment Carol, but I can't write tuts, its hit and miss with me, I keep changing things over and over again, until I think it looks right.I don't think any member could follow a tut I had written.Hazel

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