Replacing an Asphalt driveway--suggestions and advice

jwats612April 10, 2009

Good Afternoon

We have a several hundred foot 30 yr old asphalt driveway that is gatored, a few potholes, and needs replacement. We live in a cold climate--Minnesota. We plan to live in house at least 10 yrs.

- the leading asphalt firm does it one way only, complete replacement of base ( dolomite) and was the most professional during bidding process. Their price is roughly 25% higher than other firms, that would apparently replace base only under trouble areas.

Two questions

1. In general, is this an area where it is wise to pay extra for better quality? we can afford it

2. What specs are important , what questions should I ask?

I have a feeling that you are most reliant on quality and reputation of company--who can really supervise what they do?

Thanks in advance


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1. Yes. The base will determine how long the drive lasts. Especially in a climate subject to frost heave.

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