Green roofing material -Armorlite roofing?

nicky_2006April 4, 2008

Looking to replace our asphalt roof with a greener material.

So,have read about metal roofs,but found a product on the HGTV Pro Seems it's a GE developed polymer material. Seems to be rather new, and installed mainly in California now. Anyone out there have this material or know of anyone who's used it? Ok, a polymer doesn't seem so green to me. Thanks for any info on this material.

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Clay roofing tiles is as green as you can get without using thatch.

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Have seen thatch overseas,it's neat. Guess roofing products aren't as advanced as I'd like them to be. Did post same question over in another forum, added to it because we have copper gutters. Thinking of metal roofing, but because of galvanic corrosion (thanks,mike13) that probably won't work. Still searching for a better product,green as I can get it.

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If your roofs flat a membrane roof thats white or has a reflective coating meets energy star req.
For a sloped roof metal would be good choice it has a long life cycle and is recyclable.

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we just used an armorlite roof on our remodel and we LOVE IT!!! it was the perfect fit for what we were doing, and probably the most eco friendly roof out there. it is made with recycled material and fully recyclable. the best thing so far besides being able to walk on it to clean our upstairs windows is that our energy bills for the last three months is almost half of what it was last year, and the attic(game room) is much much cooler. HIGHLY RECOMENDED!

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