Fridays painting

jacksmumJune 9, 2006

Hi Folks

This is the painting I did in class today.

It is a place called Minnamurra River and I grew up within walking distance of it. My father loved this area and often swam across the river to walk on the beach on the other side.

It's a lovely place and has a lot of special memories to me.


Sue :)

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Sue, That is gorgeous!
Such a wonderful memory to go with it.
That for sure has to be treasured.


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It's special when you can use your talent to save a particular memory. Lovely Sue.

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Sue- I think that is your best one yet. You should really frame that especially having the memories to go along with it.

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Thank you ladies.
Yes it does hold a lot of memories.
When it's dry I plan to frame it and put it on the wall above my computer.

Next week is water colors - YIKES!!
Sue :)

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Wow! Sue that is gorgeous! Looks like a very peaceful place. Love the colors you used in the sky.

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