Sprinler system water has stained our wood fence, any ideas??

joss-1April 29, 2009

Hi all, A few questions about our privacy fences: Does anyone know how to clean the mineral/iron staining on our wood privacy fences caused by our sprinkler system? Can it be pressure washed or does it have to be stained over? If it can be cleaned is there a protective sealer or something that I can paint in the areas being affected? I'm not sure what type of wood it is, but its not redwood or anything with color, just natural. Thank you!! Joss

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you may cna pressure wash it and get rid of the stain. but you should get your sprinklers properly aimed so that they don't soak the fence. if this is not possible, annual treating of the fence with Thompson's Water Seal or a similar product should limit future staining.

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Thank you. Unfortunately I do have one area of fence that is going to get sprayed regardless how I aim the heads and it faces the street so I won't mind treating it yearly. Joss

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