rust on dishwasher rack prong?

leslie2004April 11, 2006

Is there something I should do to stop it from getting worse? I just noticed a couple of prongs in a Kenmore DW rack (about 5 years old) have small spots where the rubber coating has worn off and there is rust on the metal underneath.

Is there some kind of paint or epoxy coating I can touch them up with?

Should I buy a replacement rack?

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Clean the rust off as best you can with fine sand paper and then steel wool. Use a rust neutralizer. You can purchase a small container of the rubber coating for touch up from a hardware store or big box store.

It's important to get the rust off and neutralized otherwise, it will continue rusting underneath the rubber coating.

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Many stores sell plasticised replacement tips to slide over worn prongs. You might check Home Depot, Bed, Bath & Beyond .. etc.

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