Adding french doors to dining room

shane_cNovember 20, 2009

We are wanting to add french doors to our finished dining room. There are 2 entrances and both are already framed so we will not be adding pre-hung doors. They will be added to the existing frame.

1) first entrance is 36.5" wide. We were going to go with a 36" swing in door. Would the extra 0.5" be eaten up between the gap on the hinge side and the knob side?

2) the larger entrance is 49" wide and we were going to go with two 24" swing in doors. Same question. Do we need to worry about the extra 1" or will it be okay given gaps on the 2 hinge sides and the gap between the 2 doors? If not, how much should we build out the existing frame so that it fits properly?

Also, for the larger opening we can't decide if we should go with one turn style handle and one dummy, or two dummy handles and the door would be secured in place using one of those ball/recessed cup latches. Any recommendations?

Thanks in advance,


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No, this is not going to be taken care of by the normal gaps between parts. The hinge-side gap depends on the hinges used, assuming they're set flush into the door and jamb. In my house (1930s) there's hardly any gap at all at the hinge side. On the doorknob side, the gap is maybe 1/8". Get the actual doors and build to fit.

Personally, I'd tear out the existing frames and rebuild them. I also wouldn't use two 24" doors together unless you intend to leave them open most of the time, or not use the doorway often; 24" is an uncomfortably narrow opening to walk through, and opening both doors frequently is a pain.

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