What signals another frugal friend????

budsterMarch 23, 2004

I don't mean a blaring neon sign...I mean the little signs you notice about another persons home or lifestyle. Talked with some friends of mine and they came up with some interesting ideas....one says if she notices some indoor clothes drying line or rack set up for use ....another a cupboard with bulk store items.....another said an outdoor clothes line ....another a pantry set up with non brand name items....hummmmm what signals another frugal friend to you? I know my own way of thinking was...knowing the person was frugal but not actually seeing anything different. We frugals don't advertise...I guess.

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Although I guess it can be done with careful shopping, I think the most telltale sign is a person who does not have the "latest" everything or an expensive new car in the driveway. Most of my frugle friends live simply, dress comfortably and do not have hair off the fashion pages. Kathy_PA

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My 1980 Ford van, on which I did extensive body work five or so years ago, that is now deteriorating, sort of advertises my pedigree.

When I first bought it, over thirteen years ago, blue with white above, the man from whom I bought it, a general repair man farmer and jack of all trades, popular in his rural community, had bought a slightly newer replacement, same colours. Whenever I drove within about five miles of his place, all of the neighbours waved at me.

When I did the body job, I painted over the blue with black (of which I had some residual stuff on hand) but it's wearing off, so blue is showing through.

Body job coming up, this spring - or, if authorities stop me on road, they'll take it off the road, my mechanic says. He says that, with some repairs, the mechanicals and safety devices are in good shape.

Chief problem - it chews through gas like it's going out of style.

They tell me that I should replace it with a more energy-efficient vehicle ...

... but how about the large amount of energy that it will take to recyle it? Before it becomes necessary.

Plus the large amount of energy that it had taken to build the updated vehicle that I'd then start to use.

ole joyful

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I've made friends picking through curbfinds.That's a sign,although i guess its more a sign of poverty than frugality.Cleaning houses gives me an opportunity to compare lifestyles from many income ranges.Picking curbs allover town affords the same opportunity.Guess who throws out useful stuff? Guess who never throws out anything till it is unuseful?
Most of my great pickings come from middle class to lower class neighborhoods. Too poor to take it with them when they leave, and upwardly mobile must redecoraters. The high end houses never leave furniture on the side of the road.If they ever actually get rid of something , it goes to Kiwanis for the tax write off. Second and third choice is the housekeeper and the yardman.But this is only after they have made sure that it can't be used in the vacation cabin, the N.Y. townhouse, or the New England home on the lake.
My rich clients clip coupons, take advantage of rebates,recover their own furniture, make their own drapes,do lots of DIY repairs and have sheets from the wedding 50 years ago on their beds.They shampoo with Walmart products,and waste nothing. If they have to leave food when they go north, they call me to clean out the refridgerator.Sandy

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One who doesn't laugh when you ask for their recycled paper to use as mulch, their milk jugs for winter sowing, their old velvet clothing for crazy quilts, their sprouting garlic and potatoes for the garden, their pine needles for the mulch, their prunings for new plants....

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Someone who says, "Let's go yard saling some time!"

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