Construction Dust and Dirt - How to get rid of it?

rrs626April 3, 2007

When our remodel started so did a late snow! The construction has gone on but the windows are closed. There is dust all over -- any tips on how we can get rid of it? Hopefully, the weather will warm up some so we can air out the house. We have changed the air filter and will keep doing that. Would appreciate any thoughts.

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If you decide to vaccum it, and I don't know of any other way to do it, you can use a shop vac. but you really should get a high density, disposable paper bag to put in the vac. It really does make a difference. Otherwise the finest dust just comes back into the room.
After you've vacced and if things still seem dusty you might have to go over the walls, ceiling and floors with a damp rag. I do the walls and ceiling wiht a rag tied around either a broom or a dustmop.

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Ditto the above and repeat each day!

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I agree with the Shop Vac ... when I started my kitchen remodel I could not believe the amount of dust/dirt. I purchased the special bags for cement dust and sheetrock dust collection and WOW what a difference! Whenever I began dust producing work - I just turned on the Shop Vac.

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I'd recommend a hepa-filter shop vac (like a Festool), microfiber cloths, including swiffers, and rinsing with water/white vinegar, which gets rid of drywall/plaster dust haze on the floor.

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