wasteful pump dispensers

talley_sue_nycMarch 17, 2003

I finally bought a pump soap dispenser like I wanted. It's got a big capacity, and it sturdy and strong. But I've discovered that when you push down on the nozzle top, the thing squirts out a whole ton of soap!

I don't need that much soap at a time--almost no one does. I've realized that nearly every pump dispenser in my home--from the shampoo bottle to the little hand-soap dispensers--squirts out more than one needs.

W/ the manufacturer-supplied ones it makes sense; they want you to use it up faster.

I could thin all the soaps out, but frankly when they get too thin, then they don't cling, and you waste them that way (plus they're annoying)

So I'm working on teaching everyone to use a half-pump.

I see an opportunity for a new product, don't you? "The Frugal Pump"

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I wonder if you could put a piece of clear tape or something like that around the pump to keep it from going down all of the way.

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I tell you, I am enjoying my pampered chef foaming pump. You can do the same thing by buying a foaming pump soap, and then when it runs out, refill with about 1/6 liquid soap and the rest water.

It does a great job of cleaning hands, and wastes very little. Of course, it's not pretty to look at! LOL

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I love my pump dispensers. I got mine on-line. They look almost identical to pampered chef and I got 10 of them for $14.00 including shipping! I can't remember the name of the on-line site, but I know I posted it a while back when we had a thread on the pump dispensers. Definitely less waste, especially since you add so much water!


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Someone told me once that you can wrap a rubber band around the neck of the pump tube, right underneath the nozzle. Since you've effectively lengthened the nozzle, when you push down, you're getting a smaller squirt since the rubber band stops it from going down all the way. Hope I've explained adequately...

Windsor, CA

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Find some tough plastic tubing just big enough to fit around the neck, cut a piece long enough to allow "enough" soap, slice it open lengthwise, and slip it around the neck.

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I get around that problem by diluting the soap with water. You only need a ridiculously tiny amount of soap to be effective--that is to break the surface tension.

I swish the remaining shampoo from bottles with a little water and add to the soap dispensers. I also add the little bits of bar soap to the dispenser (don't shave, it dissolves by itself with a little extra water).

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I think the only time I'd thin it out is if I were going to use a foaming dispenser.

Here at the office, they've thinned out the soap in the dispenser, and it drips between my fingers when i squirt it out.

Thanks for the tips, though--I might use them.

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What would we call the "Frugal Pump" -- a "Frump"?

(Don't need a name - only one critter comes up with such bad jokes)

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I have noticed too, Talley. Especially now that DD wants to squirt out her own shampoo, body wash, and handsoap. We are going through it like wildfire...I'll have to try the elastic band idea to keep the pump from going all the way down.

One note on watering down products, even soap. When you do that you change the PH levels, and in some cases bacteria can grow in the product. It may "spoil" or it may just become a germ facotry contributing to mystery illnesses. Not such a big worry, unless we are talking children/elderly/immune compromised...but still.

I haven't heard much regarding that with the foamer dispensers, but I did notice that the resevoirs on them tend to be teeny tiny. I wonder if that is so the product can be used up before it becomes a risk? Just a thought.

If it were me, and I wanted to water it down, I would keep the bottle at no more than 1/2 full or less. JMHO.

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