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victory_tea2085March 29, 2009

I ordered a beer growler from a company in San Diego, they shipped it out and I followed the package with "tracking". When it said it was delivered, I went down to the PO to pick it up but it was not there. I have no idea where the growler is (24$ with shipping) am I just out my money is is there some recourse I can take? Thanks- Paul

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Call customer service. I had something like that happen a few years ago with some slipcovers. The company just said that happens sometimes and after waiting a few days sent me a replacement.

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Yes, the company will replace it--I've had this happen to me many times over the years. Ordered something and it got lost in transit. Have never had a problem getting a replacement.

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As long as the PO will admit they didn't deliver it. Which... can be iffy. I just had another episode with the postal worker, er, excuse me, postal employee. Had to chase the b*$@$%# down since they are too lazy to come to the door with a certified letter. Just throw a slip in the mailbox and say pick it up at the post office in a couple days...

Back to the topic, I'd definitely file a complaint with all levels of the post office. Hold them accountable.

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If you used a credit card for the purchase, you might register a disputed charge with the credit card issuer. Different card issuers handle such disputes differently, but hopefully yours would at least hold off posting the charge to your account until the matter is resolved. First step, though, is to check with the company. Good luck!

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My mom ordered a gift that we were splitting for Christmas delivered to her house. The FedEx tracking said it was delivered but it never showed up at their house. It was a $200 GPS so it wasn't trivial.

The company that sent it ended up refunding the money but not w/o quite a hastle. I was pretty mad about the whole thing. It was FedEx's fault that it didn't get there but they took no responsiblity because their system said "delivered". It had to be either taken by the delivery man or someone following the FedEx truck around stealing packages.

The lesson is to always require a signature.

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I shipped a $900. doll one time and it was "delivered", but no signed receipt like it was suppose to have.....to the wrong house. The person it was delivered to was honest and returned it to the post office after a few days.

What is a growler?

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stargazzer, it's a jug that holds beer- man, you've lived a sheltered life. LTMS ( laughing to myself, I hate LOL). Anyways, I have been in touch with Brew Mart and they assure me a replacement is on the way. I suppose if one is home a great deal of the time, a signature would be the way to go. This package, however, was supposed to go to the PO, anyway. Generally I have had could luck with on line purchases and enjoy the convenience. Thanks to all who contributed. What in the Dickens is a $900 doll? Does it blow up? What else does it do?

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My husband ordered a DVD player from a reputable online retailer. Never showed up, tho UPS showed "delivered". The seller refuses to file a claim with UPS, so DH is out $200.

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