Static cling from dryer

caliroseMarch 19, 2009

We used to use those dryer sheets. (I have to use a dryer rather than hang to dry because of arthritis in my hips)

Now, we use 2 wash cloths. One dark, one white. I buy the liquid softener, dilute it 3 to 1 (water to softener) and use about 1 tsp on the appropriate colored cloth in the dryer. I did have to start with more on the cloth(about 1 tbsp), but once the cloth had been used several times one teaspoon (or less) does it. I don't measure any more, I just dab some from the bottle on the cloth.

Hmmm, I wonder if a cloth dampened in softener would work against those pesky mosquitoes like the dryer sheets do?

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Why don't you give it a try and report back...

My thoughts on the subject. If dryer sheets are indeed toxic enough to repel mosquitoes, then I'll add that to the reasons why I DON'T use dryer sheets or liquid softeners on my clothing. Using nothing in the rinse, or a shot of vinegar occasionally, seems to work very well. My clothes are soft - even line-dried.

I'm surprised more people haven't realized they can save money by ELIMINATING softeners entirely. Old brainwashing commercials (and habits) are hard to break.


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I should have added...

-If static in your dryer is your problem, you are over-drying your clothing - which is a huge waste of energy.

-Avoid drying synthetics in the dryer to prevent static - they dry very nicely just hung on a hanger or a clothes line.

-If you are drying a mixed load of natural fabrics and synthetics, pull the synthetics out before the load is completely dry.

-If you find you have static in the dryer, then give the clothing a fine-mist spritz of water and give it a tumble on "air" only, no heat, for a couple tumbles. That will break the charge of the static.


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No need to use a full dryer sheet, you can cut them into 1/4 and 1/5 strips and get pretty much the same effect with less of that annoying stench.. Oh I can't stand the smell of dryer sheets anymore and quit using them.

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I didn't like all those dryer sheets, seemed to be wasteful. As I mentioned earlier, line drying is not possible for me. And, synthetic blends have less wrinkling. I use the auto dry cycle sensor when I dry clothes.

I have found that I rarely need to add any softener to the washcloths I have been using and reusing.

This may not be as "green" as some would like, but it is helpful for me.

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I dry the items that tend to be prone to static separately and do not dry them all the way to bone dry.

Line drying alone leaves them too wrinkly. A short tumble in the dryer and then put on hangers to finish drying works great.

*I never understand how so many people think using fabric softner sheets is a "natural" way to repel insects. I just had this argument with my mother the other day. They are teaching this at the Senior Center she goes to.

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dilly dally - On the subject of line drying alone leaving your clothes too wrinkly.... You may find you get less wrinkles if you turn your washing machine to the slowest spin cycle possible. My machine has a spin especially designed FOR line drying. The clothes are wetter, but the pull of gravity on those wet clothes will help pull those wrinkles out while they dry.


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I use unscented dryer sheets b/c my husband has allergies. I cut them in quarters and use them TWICE before I toss! Works just fine!

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