where is my thread? (help with PSP & Animation Shop)

amy_z6_swpaMay 31, 2008

yesterday I posted a thread asking for help with PSP/Animation Shop. Now I can't find the thread. What happened?

My PSP 8.1 will no longer export a layered file over to Animation Shop 3.1, ever since we had to get a new hard drive & reinstall everything. To get my frames I have to copy & paste each layer individually. A real pain!

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I ditched PSP8 LOOOOOOOOOOONG ago because I had so much trouble with it.
I have PSP7, 9, and X and find I am ALWAYS using PSP7 because it loads faster. Then sometimes I have to bring up my graphic in PSP9 to use the "soften" tool.
Wish I would learn to do all my work in 9 or X cause they are there!

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Hi Urlee, which of those do you like best? I don't know about stepping down in number, but maybe I'll look into getting ver. 9...??? or whichever one you think has the least problems...

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There are good points to both. (9&X)
In X, I liked the fact that you could see each image in the layer palette without having to run your mouse over.
I haven't used them (9&X) long enough to see but a lot of folks swear by 9 and I sure was lucky to get a PSP9 as I bet it was one of the last ones sold.
Started to use X when I first bought it. Then I ran into a snag which my dear friend JOY gave me a solution to where when e-mailing our "dear" Coral, they gave me the run around and couldn't tell me what Joy did which was such a simple thing. I let them know too.
But like I say, what I do do in PSP, PSP7 does it just fine as I only have been resizing, touchups, multiple printing, and copy/paste to MSWord from there what I want to insert.
I can't remember which one stopped having Animation shop but as long as you have it now, or a disk with it, you are OK as Animation Shop is a program of it's own that works with 7, 8, 9, & X.

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I still go back to 7 too. I didn't even put 8 or 10 on my new computer. haha

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