ms_minnamouseMay 30, 2007

The picture thumbnails for my pictures aren't showing up in these programs all of a sudden. All the pictures I uploaded previously have the picture thumbnails though.

I've recently been choosing the option to upload them and then have the files on the card deleted but I don't see how it makes any difference since the last few times I did that the pictures showed up but the ones I just downloaded (present downloads at the time) didn't.

The pictures are still there but they're missing those picture thumbnails and it makes it really hard to edit b/c I don't know what picture I picked.

I don't know if I explained this very clearly.

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when you click to OPEN a picture, in the sub-window, right click on the whitespace (aways from any text) and select VIEW >> THUMBNAILS

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I don't understand. I couldn't bring view up by right clicking.

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what operating system are you using ?

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