homestead web site redone

fun2golfMay 15, 2005

O.K. I've redone it a little..see if you think it is any better..It took me forever to realize that I had to restart my computer to get the changes to take effect...It doesn't say anything about doing that in the instructiions, at least I didn't see them..


bevs web site

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Bev it's very pretty.
Well done. I really enjoyed seeing all the photos.
The only change I'd like to see is a button to go back to your homepage from the other pages. When I got to the Cruise pictures there was nowhere else to click - being able to return to page one would have felt like I'd completed the tour. :)

When you make changes instead of restarting your computer try refreshing - Press F5 on the keyboard as it often does the trick.

Sue :)

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Bev I love what you have done!
I am jealous!

You can use this for the time being? "lol"
I love that feature as I just move my right thumb on it as my hand is on the mouse.
My friend has a back button on her mouse----(*envious*)


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Great job Bev, looks


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Love seeing all the pics. Great job.

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Thanks for looking everyone, and also thanks for any an all suggestions. I can use anything you want to pass on to it's just trial and error with me right now...
Thanks again.

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