Fridays painting - using pastels

jacksmumMay 19, 2006

Hi Folks

Well using the pastels was certainly an experience - far less forgiving than the oil paints and harder to cover any mistakes - lol like those awful rocks on the left!!

I found it similar to drawing with chalk but messier, it was certainly interesting to try new techniques and I liked the feel of them on my fingers - the teacher advised us not to smudge if possible but being left handed my hand seemed to constantly be connecting with the paper and making a mess.

Have a wonderful weekend

Sue :)

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Wow Sue,
You did great!
Pat yourself on the back!


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You did just fine Sue - and it's only your first try. You catch on quick!

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I give you so much credit Sue for trying all these new things. I love the pastel look, and I'm sure you will master it as you did with the oils.

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You are too hard on yourself.
It's another great work of art!

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Thank You ladies.
lol it was a little like being back at school and coloring between the lines we drew. Peter (the teacher) said later on down the track he will do another pastel class.

He gave us all our own set so we can practice and play at home but I will have to buy the special paper if I want to do that.

Hope you are all having a great weekend
Sue :)

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