Laminate counter damage

bizeeApril 4, 2010

This morning I noticed this damage to my counter. Looks like a cup was there, but at the bottom of the photo, there is another bubble as well. You can see a hole in the larger damaged area.

Is there anyway to fix this without repairing the whole counter? I'm pretty much devastated to find this damage this morning. It would not have been a coffee cup, the only thing that would have been there is a large mug of water. This is next to the sink, not stove.

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It's hard to tell exactly what the damage is from your photo, but is it possible someone set a pot or a tea kettle on this area while it was still hot? I can't think of anything that could have caused that except something from the top side. Is the laminate both bubbled and discolored?

While it is possible in some cases to reactivate laminate glue with heat from the top side, and flatten out laminate that is slightly raised, I suspect this is not going to work for you and you could do more damage if you didn't know exactly what you were doing.

Unfortunately, I suspect this is not fixable. I once had a damaged laminate countertop, and our solution was to place a wooden cutting board over the damage to hide it....

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The laminate is discolored due to very high temps.
It is not a reversible situation.

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