help with Animation Shop problem

amy_z6_swpaMay 20, 2006

Hi all, I haven't been here in ages but I still lurk :)

I have a sudden problem with my Jasc Animation Shop 3.1. When saving a 2-frame animated gif (I make a lot of glitter signatures for people), I used to get the window that let me choose all the settings for transparency etc. But now when I do it, I don't get to, it just saves it really fast and it doesn't even give me transparency. How do I get it back so that I can choose all the settings while saving? Please help!

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Gosh Amy,
Same here???????
I wonder what happened?
I thought it was a matter of saving a transparent image but??????

I updated AS and was wondering if it changed then?


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Now I got it?
Is that what U mean? The Trans Tab?
Go figure?
It must have to do with the image you are saving?????


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Hi Urlee, Yes that is what I meant. I don't get to do anything in that box anymore for some reason. It just flashes while saving and disappears. Fortunately after I posted here, I was able to get transparent backgrounds for the next few siggies I made. But it was pure chance! I still want to know how to get access to that box again while saving....

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