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fun2golfMay 22, 2005

Gee, It looks like everyone is on vacation..I know I haven't done much lately, but usually when I come in here to look around, there is something, but alas..where is everyone? I hope we aren't losing all of our members..I will try to get something made and check back in soon.


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I keep checking in. We've been real busy lately so I haven't had much time to play.

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Hi Bev,
Bless you for keeping this forum going.
Yes, Springtime and outdoor chores have taken "funtime" away for awhile.

Yesterday, I couldn't post anything anywhere on the forums cause they were having trouble again.
Lucky I had the e-mail saved from the last time to reply to Spike cause I couldn't even get to my member page or to their address to write about my not being able to log in.
I kept getting page unknown etc.
Glad to see we are up and running today.


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Only part of it is up and running. I can't get to the birthday list so if anyone is having a birthday today I hope you have a good one!!

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I know I'm addicted, to this and the computer help forum. Couldn't get into either one yesterday, and it kept asking me to log in when I hadn't logged out. Tried to do that and couldn't get to the member page, so I figured they were having problems. I've got a new laptop and have been busy loading all the programs and trying to transfer all my "most needed" stuff from the other computer. I only loaded PSP v9 so I can't automatically go back to another version. Hope to get back to work on it soon!

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It's good to know we still have some members..I know we all get busy doing other things..It happens to me all the time. Sorry to hear about the problems you ladies are having, hope they are all solved now. It's always something,isn't it? Some times we just don't seem to have the ideas popping in our heads and other times we seem to have a ton of them...I'll probably be down soon as I'm going to have my computer cleaned out and re-done, also want to do some up-grading..probably in a few weeks or so..I seem to get so much stuff in here and it really slows it down..o.k. then talk to you gals later.

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I've been gone for a while, having computer problems.
I finally did a complete restore, so now I'm busy trying to get everything back up and running again.
I'm trying to locate all my PSP stuff to get it back on my computer so I can play again.

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I haven't had time to play, but I keep checking to see whats new. Maybe someone can post a tutorial for everyone to try.

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I'm still around, but haven't made many actual graphics lately....other than for my team at the JG forum. I have been extremely busy doing other things.....dolls, contests, running a weekly rare-bird report line for western PA, working on our kitchen (painting, then comes flooring, cabinets, & counters), gardening, got a new car 2 weeks ago today (yay!), family get-togethers, etc.

I recently (month or two ago lol) had a breakthrough in PSP, I finally learned how to make true blends (for banners/tags) so I'd like to make some more of those.

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The last couple of days, the weather was so nice, I got my front steps and landing scraped and repainted.
Did some yard work and other outdoor chores.
Been trying to cleanup the printouts I have laying around ready to label and put in the looseleaf notebooks.
Computers can really create MORE work than one would want.


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*WHEW* I am finally done painting my kitchen!!! It took 3 coats of primer (mainly to cover up the fake tile on the lower half) and 2 coats of paint, but it looks awesome. I can't wait to do the floors and cabinets now. :)

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Wanna do mine next?

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heh heh, not in this heat! it was killer! ;)

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