how to lift/move precast concrete steps

algoooApril 9, 2009


I'm not sure if this is the correct forum.

I am having a new concrete driveway/carport installed. I have concrete steps under the carport that I would like to keep, but none of the installers will temporarily move them.

I believe the steps are not secured to the house, and are just sitting on the existing carport pad.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I would lift/move the steps?

Thank you,


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What is actually happening with those steps is subjective at this point.
What makes you think these are moveable steps? Any exploration done or a gut feeling?

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Hi Ron,

I'm thinking that if precast concrete stairs are attached, then they are typically attached to the foundation. There is a 3-4" gap between the steps and the foundation so they aren't attached there. No sure how else they would be attached. I also had the same steps at the front door, which I demo'd, and those weren't attached either.

The steps that I'd like to temporarily move have two steps and the platform (approx. 21" high) and are side entry.

They are in great shape so I'd like to salvage if possible.


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If you have a close by rental center, I would rent a fork lift or if you have a neighbor that has a tractor with a front end loader, you could lift it enough to get some skids under it, rig up some chains, and lift it out.

Hard to believe the outfit doing your concrete wont do it as an extra. They'll at least be using a skid steer to move dirt around.

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If you can get under one corner, then a lever and a fulcrum to lift a little higher and slide some broom handles under there.

We took out a cast iron tub that way. Pulled into the middle of the bathroom, tipped onto the front edge and slipped two sections of handle under it. Rolled it right out the front door onto a trailer.

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Thanks guys,

Looks like the best solution for me is to pry them up high enough to get something under them that I can roll them with.
I'v contacted a few other driveway contractors to give estimates. Maybe they'll be up for moving the steps.
At this point, I'm also considering asphalt, as the concrete estimate came in higher than I have budgeted. Removal of the old driveway is around $2400, something I hadn't expected. My expectations weren't based on anything, but that cost has got me considering asphalt to bring the total cost down to what I've budgeted.

Thanks again,

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