How do you color fonts?

sapphiresMay 17, 2005


A couple of years ago someone gave me step by step instructions on how to color fonts. I have since lost those instructions. Would some kind soul tell me how? I have MS Word and MS Works. Thank you.


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In Word (and I imagine in Works, too) color is set thru the Format menu, Font submenu.

Clicking on the dropdown arrow (where the red arrow is pointing) gives you a box where you can choose the color.

You can set the color before typing your text or after typing and selecting the text you want to color.


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I guess I didn't make my question clear enough. Sorry, I will be more precise. When I find fonts I like on the internet I put them in a file I made for fonts. The fonts are pretty and colored in at the site I see them at, however when I download the font and minimize it to use it, they are just black and white. How can I color them in? Thank you.

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In PSP, you can apply text with any color you want, and then you can use your magic wand tool to select parts to fill in with other colors if you want (if the font has "nooks & crannies") this what you mean?

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Yes, but using some kind of tool to color in the letters of the font. For example: The font that looks like cheese with mice. I want to color yellow in the font letters and then color the mice gray, the way the font looked like at the site I was on. Can't this be done in MS Word, Printmaster or MSWorks?


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Sapphires, the font examples you see on the sites have been taken into a graphics program, colored like a coloring book and turned into graphics. They can be used as graphics but not as fonts in MSWord or MSWorks, I don't know about Printmaster. Will Printmaster let you create graphics similiar to PSP? If it has a paint brush tool you might be able to do it.

Each letter has been made into a graphic file, gif or jpg, so to get the whole alphabet you would have 26 separate files, one for each letter (or 52 files if you have upper and lower case). Or a whole word can be made into a graphic, but the fancy coloring jobs are not fonts.

It's almost like false advertising, isn't it. The fonts never look as good as fonts as they do all doctored up on the site.

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I have a couple lettering programs that color "alphabets" (they are not true type fonts). One is called Creative Lettering by Creating Keepsakes, and the other is Lettering Delights, by Inspire Graphics. These are truely awesome programs, and come with som many different alphabets (but you couldn't color one that didn't come with the program). You can usually get the programs on ebay for a good price....Look for the Combo CD's for the best value. The Creative Lettering program lets you color the letters however you want- the Lettering Delights letters are premade like this one:

Also you can d/l a free demo version of "Brush Lettering" from PC is somewhat limited in what it can do - but it is fun to play with.

Here is a link that might be useful: Brush Lettering Demo

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Thank you everyone for your time and help.


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