Pulling up old floor; how to deal with what lies beneath?

lethargoNovember 14, 2009

My DH and I are pulling our all of our first floors up in order to save some money on the install of our new hardwood floors. Half of the floor is ceramic tile; the previous homeowner installed the floor, pulling carpet off half that previous area and on top of vinyl on the other half. We're trying to get an area cleared so that we can at least get a couple of new cabinets installed. So....we've pulled the ceramic tile, the backer board, and upon trying to pull up the vinyl we realized there was paneling underneath. Well, in our DIY frenzy, we started pulling the paneling up-how great! The vinyl is so easy to get off the floor! Weellll...here's the sticky point. Our existing cabinets are on top of the vinyl and panelling.

How do we NOT pull all of the cabinets and yet still pull the exposed vinyl and paneling? Is there some safe way to saw through the vinyl/panel (keeping in mind it's a tight space there in front of the toekick) without terribly damagaing the plywood underneath? Ack! What do we do?!

Does this make sense? I'm a little full of ceramic dust right now...running on E, too. Time for some chow! Check back later!! Thanks for reading!

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You could try a toe-kick saw. See the link below.

Are you sure that's paneling under the vinyl vs subflooring over the plywood?

Here is a link that might be useful: saw

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Yeah, that's subfloor under there.

Um..not really into buying a new saw to get this done..esp. one that costs $260! Can't find a rental either.

I'm going to try to cut away the vinyl. Then I'm going to seriously score the subfloor and try to snap it clean against the toekick.

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When you say "paneling" I'm thinking it's actually 1/4" plywood of some kind. A really sharp utility knife will cut it; just be really careful; wear gloves. A Japanese-type "pull saw" would perhaps also be useful if you got one that cuts flush without the handle in the way. Expect to pay about $25. for one. If it hits a nail or staple it will soon be toast. The knife will do the job.

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This panel/subfloor whathaveyou has a name...I just can't think of it.. Anyway, yes, it's thin enough to snap-probably about 1/4" thick. I've taken a hammer to the back of an utility knife (at the best angle I can under the toekick) and I have gotten an okay edge, but nothing great. I've gotten a very important part done, but might wait for the floor installers to take a look and see if they have a suggestion/tool.

If they can't halp me out, I'll try that little hand saw.

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"Um..not really into buying a new saw to get this done..esp. one that costs $260!"

By the saw, use it, then sell it on e-bay.

You will likely get at least half the cost.

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It's probably 1/4" Luan plywood under the vinyl.

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