Craftsman Garage Door Opener Wall Panel Not working

ysbook12April 19, 2007

Hello Everyone,

New here and thought I would try this, since Sears will only help me if they can charge me for a home visit. I just purchased my first home and it came with two craftsman garage door openers. Model number 139.53681B. The previous home owners left us three remotes. One I can't get to work and I was able to get two remotes to work with the reprogramming feature that I knew about, but in the process I confused one of my wifes old remotes for her families garage door opener with one of ours since they are the same model and programmed it to our home. I think this is what caused the our issue. In the process of doing this, one of the wall panels that was working correctly doesn't work now. This wall panel is directly wired into the garage opener. Is there a way to reset wall panel or doing something to get the wall panel working again. The green indicator light in th wall panel is off but the remote opener works fine.

Please help...this is driving me nuts.

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The wall control isn't bothered or changed by programming. It is wired directly to the opener just like a door bell. Wall Controls do go bad though. You can remove the control from the wall and disconnect the 2 wires going to it. Remember which one went where. One of them has a red tracer. If you touch the two wires together and the opener works it is the wall control. If it still doesn't work the wires are probably bad. You can disconnect the wire with the red tracer from the opener. It goes to terminal #1. Then you can use a screwdriver and short between terminal #1 and #2. If it now works you know the wiring is bad. You don't have to worry about getting shocked as there just isn't enough juice on these wires to do anything.

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Hello Don,

I will try this. Thanks for your help.

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My garage door is not working. The control panel green light is not on. The circuit breaker is okay-not dripped. is this a wiring problem. What should I do? How to remove the wall mounted control panel. Sorry I'm new to this. Can you help.

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the control panel is simply a switch. If the green LED is not is not getting power. Power comes from the opener unit itself. Make sure you have power there.

Do the remotes work?

Check the wires from the control back to the opener and see if there are any breaks.

I'd check the breaker again. Switch it completely off and then back on, sometimes it's difficult to detect a tripped state.

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