Cannot Tighten My Kwikset Deadbolt (it has no visible screws)

stubbler69April 27, 2011

Please help, our Kwikset deadbolt chassis is becoming loose, and I cannot tighten it up! There are no screws.

I followed these instructions online,

How to Remove a Deadbolt Lock Without Screws :

However, I press the awl directly into the small hole in the shaft of the thumb latch, and it will not release!

Please help!

Here is a link that might be useful: Pictures of front door deadbolt lock

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Here's a link to kwikset's install for your deadbolt. It looks like the plate should just pop off and the backer paltae behind it has the screws that need tightened.

Here is a link that might be useful: kwikset install directions

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Like sierraeast's link shows, that little hole in the shaft should have a set screw in it. You need a small allen wrench to unscrew it, and then you can remove the thumb latch. Unfortunatley it does not say what size you need as it is provided with the lockset.

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