Vique_PaMay 12, 2005

Hello out there. I am seriously considering getting Paint Shop Pro. I know absolutely nothing about it, so if you were me, knowing all that there is to know about it, which one would you suggest? There seem to be so many out there i.e #6, #7, #8 etc. I have PSP Studio, but some of the tutorials call for me to use things that are not included in this version. For instance, I have a tut here for "cutting" something out and putting it on a different background, but it calls for me to use the lasso tool and I don't have one with this program. Any help you can give me will be greatly appreciated. Vique.

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Hi Vique,
That is a hard question to answer because it is a matter of?
I learned on PSP7 and do have PSP8 which has more on it but being I had 7 first and got to know it, I miss the friendlier usage of it. There are many things I don't like about 8 and like 7 better but I haven't learned 8 enough to rate it fairly. There also is PSP9 out there but I am satisfied with what I have.
7 is by far easier than 8. The tools are right there in plain sight where on 8 you have to click on a tool for a drop down list of others to find the one you want.
Just a little to let you know.


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Hi Vique
I have version 7 and 8. I love version 7. 8 seems a lot slower to load and doesn't seem as friendly BUT maybe if I played with it more I'd change my mind. It does have some great new features like tha automatic photo enhance and warp tool that's lacking in 7.

The great thing about PSP is the amount of FREE help online and the availability of plugins, tubes etc. There's a tutorial for everything you could imagine and the help files are brilliant - one of the rare programs where "help" is actually helpful :)

I've never seen version 9 so can't comment.

Here's a couple of links to download the trial versions (30 day fully functional) of version 7 and 9. Sorry I couldn't find a site that had version 8 for free.

Maybe if you had a play with them it would help you decide.
Good luck
Sue :)

Trial Version PSP7

Trial Version PSP9

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Hi Vique, another thing lacking in V7 is, scripts.

I have 7/8 and 9, I wouldn't give up V9 for anything. I would be very suprised if the other versions will ever be upgraded....PSP9 took their place. If you have never used PSP you won't have a problem learning, because, you won't have to 'unlearn' a previous version.


Here is a link that might be useful: Corel Home page

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Thanks to all of you for answering my question, all three of you have been a big help in my decision. It is wonderfull to have people like you, who are willing to help you out when you need it. Vique.

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I've only ever used PSP 8 so far but I absolutely love it. I had the trial version that came when we bought our Dell in 2003, and loved it so much I bought the program when my trial expired. I got it on eBay for $29 with Animation Shop, new and unregistered. It's awesome.

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