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sapphiresMay 13, 2005


I do mini scrapbooks 4x6 for my grandchildren. I want to do a theme "I just can't get enough of you." What I would like to do is have a picture of them on a file, but have file after file, like lined up behind each other with the same picture duplicated on each file. I hope I am explaing this well enough. For example, in MS Word under autoshapes and then under flow charts, the multi document is kind of what I am talking about. I have MS Word 2000, MS Works 2000. I do have PSP 7 but have No idea how to use it. Does anyone know what I am trying to explain. Would anyone care to help create this for me, once I decide on the picture? If this can be done can different pics be used or would I have to use one pic and have it on all the files. Thanks for your time.


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Hi Sapphires, is this what you have in mind?

This is the multidocument figure from MSWord...

And this is what I made from it using a pic of my dog...

What I did was open MSWord and draw the multidocument figure then copy it and paste it in PSP9.
After promoting the Background layer, I selected the white areas and deleted them, leaving only the black outline.
Opened a pic of my dog and copied it.
Clicked inside the front "document" to select that area and Pasted inside the selection (Edit/Paste/Paste Inside Selection).
Copy (that gives you a selection shaped copy). Then Paste as New Layer twice.
Make the top picture active and move it to fit inside the lines of the middle "document". Make it invisible.
Make the second picture active and move it to fit inside the lines of the last "document". Make all the layers visible.
Drag the original layer (with the black outline) to the top of the layer stack and it should look like a stack of pictures. Just make sure the bottom layer has the picture that is farthest back (highest) and the middle layer has the picture that lines up with the middle "document".
Drag the original layer with the multidocument image to the top of the layer stack.

Clear as mud?

You can also do this in MSWord just stacking photos. I haven't found a way to put the photo in a shape like I did in PSP.

When you paste photos into MSWord, click on a photo then right click and select Format Picture. Choose the Layout tab and select In Front of Text. This makes the picture "float" and you can move it around. Now do the same thing to the next photo and move it into place. Repeat for all photos.

This is what I got...


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Yes this is exactly what I want. As far as your first set of instructions, you lost me at "after promoting the background layer" LOL! I know nothing about PSP. Now, I will try to follow your instructions for MS Word. I would really like to get this done, so perhaps if I can't do it I could request your talents. Thank you Jill.


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Sure, no problem. I'll be out of pocket all day tomorrow, but back tomorrow evening. But you should be able to do the MSWord thing pretty easy.

I could give you more detailed instructions for PSP, if you want to learn that. Lot's of people are using PSP for digital and printed scrapbooking, plus there are lots of "freebies" on the web, papers, elements, etc. I'd love to see what you're doing with the 4x6 scrapbooks.


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I did it! I used MS Word. I haven't uploaded it yet to show. I have to decide now if I want it in black and white, one picture multiplied or different pictures. Thank you ever so much for your help. This theme will be "I just can't get enough of you". The other theme I am working on now is "I am so amazed by you" or "Your just so amazing" still working on theme title. I made a square maze and cut a smaller square hole in the middle for a pic. A Maze get it..amazing. This way they can do the maze and I will take a pic of them doing the maze to insert and add quotes like your so amazingly beutiful etc.. The girls love to carry these small books around it's just the right size for them. Jill thank you for helping me with this. I have another question but think I should start a new post for that.


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