closet frame too high, what should I do?

armoNovember 2, 2009

Hi, I measured and framed my closet the same size as my doors (oopps). I already painted the jambs and trim. Installed the closet to realized that I have 1.5" to 1.75" clearance between the bottom of the closet and the finished floor. Is it a big deal to just leave that big of a gap? I thought about installing a 3/4" thick piece of jamb under the closet railing to lower the door, then install a 3/4" thick piece under the top part of the jamb as a sort-of trim to "finish" it (so that I don't end up with a big space at the top). What do you all think of that idea? Or should I just leave it alone? Thanks.

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Dropping it down 3/4 should do it. I would install a piece of 1x4 above the track, flush with the front of the jamb. Paint it, then install the door track toward the front of the opening. Add a piece of 1/4 round molding in front of the track if necessary.

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