Do these renovation proposal numebrs seem on target?

newhomeowner2011aNovember 2, 2012

Hi everyone!

We are redoing our kitchen and received the following bid. Do you all think that these numbers reflect an accurate pricing (note: these are all just LABOR and not materials except for the custom cabinetry). This is being done in Detroit area. This is for a kitchen that is about 100 sq. ft.

Demolition: remove fridge, cabinets, wall between kitchen and family room, partial kitchen ceiling, door to exterior. $1500.00

Framing: door to exterior, misc. wall and ceiling framing, patch sheetrock ceiling and walls. $1600.00

Drywall: taping and sanding. $ 400.00

Cabinets: new paint grade base cabinets (~7ft. long) - with access from both sides, upper cabinets with glass doors - access both sides. $2500.00

Interior trim: modify and reinstall refrigerator cabinet and pantry, misc. casing and base, build soffit, install crown moulding above existing upper cabinets, add trim to upper cabinet glass doors, modify cabinets for microwave and kitchen hood, build wine bottle holder by kitchen sink. $2000,00

Electrical: demo existing wiring in wall between kitchen and family room, rewire to the new layout, hang light fixtures. $1300.00

Plumbing: demo existing kitchen sink and faucet, install new kitchen sink and faucet, run water line to refrigerator, dishwasher hookup. $1100.00

Heating: remove existing kitchen radiator. $ 700.00

Tile: kitchen backsplash - 30 square feet, subway tile laid in herringbone pattern. $ 900.00

Wood floor: remove existing maple floor, install new 3/4 by 1 1/2 inch mixed red and white oak, sand and finish to match existing as close as possible. $1500.00

Stucco: repair at exterior door and roof. $1300.00

Dumpster: 10 yard $ 300.00

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Christopher Nelson Wallcovering and Painting

Who knows?
Get a couple more estimates and compare apples to apples.

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Compared to where I live these prices are CHEAP. It's almost like he is paying you for the benefit of doing your kitchen. Amazing.

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This seems relatively inexpensive, but I don't know what your local labor costs are relative to the national averages.

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I agree with the previous posters. This sounds cheap compared to what I am in the process of paying, but I'm no where near Detroit.

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I usually overestimate costs, but on your project, several things seems too high to me -- in particular, demo, electrical and plumbing. I'm in a high-cost area, so I would think Detroit would be considerably less expensive.

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Debbi Branka

I'm in Detroit and I agree that the demo, electrical and plumbing seem a bit high. The cabinets seem cheap. Demo-ing the door and rebuilding, I'm not sure about and not sure about the stucco. The other prices don't seem too bad.

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