How to repair broken pvc sump pump drainage pipe near sidewalk?

scrappy25April 16, 2014

Greetings, I noticed after the snow cleared that my PVC pipe that the sump pump water dumps into is sheared off where it heads under the sidewalk. It is supposed to drain by gravity from the house into the street under the sidewalk through the curb. However, due to this broken area, the soil is eroded and the lawn is starting to cave in above it. The pipe is 3.5 inches outer diameter and is nearly completely offset. I have been researching repair methods such as compression fittings or repair sleeves, but each of them require several inches on each side of the pipe to slide on to. I do not have that space on the sidewalk end as you can see. Is there a fitting that can fit OUTSIDE the proximal end (closer to the house) and INSIDE the distal end (sidewalk end)? Or any other suggestion? Also, I know this is a guess, but how can the proximal pipe(the one that has fallen down) be elevated? I am assuming that we will have to unroof it and prop it up somehow so that the ends meet before any repairs are made.

Next question- who would I call to do this if we decide not to DIY it ? Handyman? Landscaper>? Plumber?

close up picture

further away picture. The house is behind me.

measurement picture

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My hunch is that the sidewalk heaved and broke the pipe. Were you to raise the pipe between house and walk,the line wouldn't properly drain,creating other problems.
Eventhough I believe it may be futile,useing a solvent weld coupling on sidewalk side requires far less pipe be exposed. Exposing enough pipe for a coupling only requires chipping away some concrete around it. Once the coupling is on,a short leingth of pipe can replace some that is cut off of house side of line. NOW,you can install a compression couple.

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IF you are not equipped to chip away sidewalk concrete, and IF you need a patch that will be good for only a few years, you can sleeve the break INSIDE with a piece of PVC with a wide enough slit in it to allow it to close/compress down just enough to slip inside. Glue it to death. Keep in mind this is a ridiculous patch but it's one that will work, especially outdoors away from your house.

Secondly, if I read this right and can assume that a 4" drain is huge for your pump, you could dig into the lawn just a little bit, reduce the outer lengths of the sump line to a 3" pipe, shove a 3" pipe into the broken sidewalk tube, and Bob's your uncle!

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its a DIY fix. use a " no hub coupling" to connect. will fit over pipe. take measurement to store and measure new fitting.

best of luck

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thanks everyone.
The sidewalk has not lifted, it is definitely the ground that has sunk. The front yard slopes downhill so the drainage should not of be a problem.Great idea to slit the smaller pvc pipe to push it inside, or to fins the "no hub coupling". I will head out to see what I find. Appreciate your help.

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I would dig about 10 feet out and raise the sunken pipe to align. Couple of hours-- and I am a senoir citizen.

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"I would dig about 10 feet out and raise the sunken pipe to align. Couple of hours-- and I am a senoir citizen."

I would have thought this suggestion was implicit in all of the previous suggestions.

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