Nurses week poster resized

kyryMay 2, 2005

Here is my poster, I resized a copy of the psp file then converted to JPEG. The final version had a border on it. Still a little large but the poster was 16x22.

Thanks for looking.


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Carol - That's beautiful. Thank you so much for posting it.
I've never understood how a poster is printed. Would you make it really large and then print 4 different sheets out at 8 1/2" x 11". Then paste the 4 sheets together to make the final size 16 x 22"? The math works, but I wouldn't know how to do that. Can you explain how you did it?
Good work, and like you I enjoy fooling with this sort of thing.


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Wow. What a nice poster! Great job Carol.

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Thanks so much. You can make posters in pretty much any publishing software. I usually design them in PSP then print them from from a program called Poster. I can also use Picture It Publishing for my posters, but it always gave me a problem with banners, didn't seem to get along with my HP printer. So I purchased this program called Poster and it allows me to print banners on continuous banner paper and does a great job with posters. I only bought it because I make so many for work. And became so frustrated with Picture It, and dealing with every fix Microsoft could possibly dream up. It was well worth the $18.00 if you use it often. In fact is was one of MS techs who gave me the name of the software, as they also became frustrated, nothing seemed to work for the banners.

Here is a link that might be useful: Poster

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Sorry Elaine after all of that I really didn't explain how to do it. I open up a blank image in PSP 16.250 x 22.500 inches. A very large file. Do what ever I am going to make with it, save it as a jpeg, then open in Poster to print it from there. You then have to paste it together from four sheets of paper. It does overlap the pages a little, kind of like putting a puzzle together. My new printer works better as I can make it borderless 8 1/2x11".

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Thanks for the explanation Carol. I went to look at the program.....not really sure whether I would ever use it or not - but looks interesting and it isn't expensive! Unfortunately I can't make borderless prints on my HP 960C printer, but I guess you could work around that.
Always wondered how that was done - and now I know.

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Hey Elaine we have exactly the same printer :)

Carol - love the poster. The background has a texture that begs to be touched.
Sue :)

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Thanks Sue, wish I could claim the credit for the picture, it was a card.

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