Uses for aluminum foil

yellowhairMarch 15, 2004

I wish I could do away with using aluminum foil, but it seems that I'm always using it for baking purposes. One reason that I don't want to use it----hasn't "aluminum" been linked with Alzheimers???? Now, this may not have anything to do with it, but it just seems to me that if it gets hot, some of the aluminum would have to get in the food. Maybe small traces.

How wrong am I on this? Any doctors out there who want to dispute this??? Please tell me I have nothing to worry about. lol

So ----after using it for baking, sometimes I use it for feeding the cats, also to put under plants. I also read where you can wrap it around the lower stems of some tender vegetable plants to keep worms away.

Another use is the pkg. that it comes in, to use the cutter blade thiny for hanging pictures. I haven't actually tried it so far.

Got any other uses for used aluminum foil.

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Hmm I don't now if I would mess with the cutting edge of anything. Seems like an accident waiting to happen. I do more cooking in the crockpot than baking in the oven so don't use much foil so I can't help you there. Usually I toss it when I use it or the dogs would get it and shred it all over the house. Kathy

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There is always the old use of wrapping the TV antenna for better reception!!!
I use it to line pans in the over so that I don't have to clean up the overflow mess. I have also lined my oven racks with it when I am baking bread in case I have filled the pan too full and it spills over. When I had a electric stove, I would line under my burners to catch spills.
You can also use it for kids school projects.
I also used it the other day to keep my son's soup hot. I warmed the soup in the microwave in the morning and wrapped the container in foil and he said it was still really warm 4 hours later. I have also used the same theory to keep pop or juice cold.
Couldn't live without foil!!!

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