Matching trim?

jeaickNovember 26, 2012

I bought my house a few years ago meaning to update it throughout time. Now I'm in the position where I have to move int he spring and I'm trying to update it quickly on a small budget. My current issue is that there are so many different types and colors of trim in this house!

The remodeled kitchen has trim stained a dark walnut. The windows throughout the house have casings and trim that are stained wood, a medium oak color that is the nicest looking out of all the trims. The crown molding in most rooms is painted white. And the majority of the trim and door casings are a very blah medium-dark brown. Most of the doors are that dull wood color of cheap hollow core doors.

I don't think I can possibly find the money to replace all the trim with matching. What do I do? Do I paint absolutely everything white so that at least it will match? I hate to paint the really nice window casings and trim, would it be just too weird if I left them stained and painted the rest white? Do I try to replace what I can and stain to match the windows?

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How about posting a few pictures?

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Yeah, photos would help. And what's the price range of this house? The higher it is, the more I'd say it's important to do something about it.

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I will try to get some pictures later. It's a bit difficult right now because all the furniture from one living room is crammed into other rooms while we tear the carpet out in there. Plus, almost the full house will be repainted and refloored in getting the house ready to sell, so any colors other than the trim itself will not be the final colors.

The house, with updates, would be expected to sell for around $300-310k. We bought it, badly outdated, for $225k about four years ago. The final price will be somewhere between those two numbers depending on the amount of updating and remodeling we do. In short, the house was an architect's home and the structure of it is amazing. However, it was originally built in the mid-70s and not updated since. There is dark "wood" paneling (basically cardboard with fake wood grain) in some of the rooms that needs to come down. There are dated wood spindles. All the flooring needs to go. One bathroom is horridly dated and has a green-gold colored bathtub. When we thought we were going to live here a couple decades and slowly remodel this house it was all do-able. Now it's overwhelming.

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