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EG3dJuly 25, 2012

Working on the new dining space. This apartment has three bedrooms but no dining room. So bedroom 3 is a dining room / office. Here is start of dining space.

I removed closet doors to house buffet and other displays.

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Wow, it's looking good! Great idea to remove the closet doors and display your things, and how perfect that the closet is shallow and has shelving. The console table and its display is very nice. It all looks nice!

Your pretty kittycat seems to approve! Now I know who the model for your artwork is!

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great idea, looks very nice !

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Eileen! Hi!
Recognized the chairs!

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Thank you everyone!! My living room is a challenge - how to arrange end tables and lamps. I decided that I have to change the drapes and drapery rod out already and go back to what I had before.

Last home's drapes and setup:

Help? New living room is smaller than lat place.

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