Is there an easier way?

urleeMay 1, 2006

Have you ever had to search for a font by opening up each one to see it?

I decided to make a file showing what each looked like for me to find and WOWIE, it takes forever to do it this way.

Here is an example of what I started and had to come up for air! :)

Any of you have an easier way?

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You're braver than me. I had a font viewer before I reloaded my computer and I don't have that back on here yet.

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just google "free and easy font viewer" and you'll get sources to download it.

Here is a link that might be useful: free and easy font viewer

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Thanks Teri, I just installed it after running a virus and anti spyware scan it came up clean and it looks like a great program.

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Free&Easy Fonts Viewer has its limitations, though: if you have a collection of fonts which are located in a different folder from the system fonts, you won't be able to browse through them using this tool.

The fonts I have are in a different folder so that will not work for me.

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Hi Urlee
I use Xfonter. It will show the fonts in any directory. I browse it then open the font I want then open PSP or whatever program I want to use the fonts in.

It works well.
Sue :)

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Urlee, the font viewer I use isn't free but I've found it to be worth the $35 I paid for it, to me, anyway. It does have a free trial period. You can check it out at the link below.

It has 8 different ways to print font samples, 80 per page, 40, 20, 6 and 4 different 1 per page setups (the last 2 are Character set with key code and Keyboard layout).

One thing I really like is the icon in the system tray where I can access folders of uninstalled fonts to make them available for use in programs. Couple of clicks and all my Christmas fonts are available to use in PSP.

I don't use nearly all the features it has but I really like the ones I do use. I need to get into it and get my fonts better organized. I keep thinking I'll print off 1 or 2 pages at a time and build my font reference binder but haven't done it yet.

Also, if you just want to see what the fonts look like in PSP you can create your text with the text tool, make sure the text is selected in the dialog box, click in the font selection box on the Tool Options ribbon and use the arrow keys to go thru the list. The text changes to each font as you move thru the list, just make sure the dialog box is out of the way so you can see the text in the image. Works in 8, 9 & X. In 7 the sample text (next to the font size) within the dialog box changes, not as good as seeing the text in the image change but better than nothing.


Here is a link that might be useful: Typograf

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Thank U Sue & Jill,

Jill, That sounds like a great program------Is it to my understanding that you do not get a disk but a code to use?

Better yet, when you get your files made, send them to me!"LOL"


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Yep, a registration key to register the download for continued use. No disk. Which reminds me, have I burned the program to CD? Gotta check.

By the time I get ALL my fonts printed out, I'd probably have to ship it by freight. LOL

If you're fast, maybe you can get all yours printed out before the trial expires.


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"LOL" Let alone the $$.

Hey, That's an idea?


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I downloaded "The Font Thing" program (free) a year or two ago and it's great. I forget where I downloaded from but I'll check my bookmarks. When you open the program, your font file list opens on the left side and you can view each font just by going down the list. Much faster than opening the file folders one by one.

Oh, here's a link to of many....

Here is a link that might be useful: The Font Thing

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Thank you Amy,
I DL'd it.
Will install later.


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Jill, I just downloaded the font program you listed. I sure hope I can figure out how to use it...Thanks
I definitely get tired of looking through all of the fonts when I do something...which of course right now is "nothing" but soon..I hope.

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Hi Bev,

If you have your extra fonts sorted into folders by type you can view only the fonts in one (or more) folders. Really helps when you know what kind of font you want, just not sure exactly which one. You can see all of one type together.

Another tip, you can change the sample text that displays with the Options button. Makes it easy to see how your words will look in each font.

If you use the Font Groups in Typograf (Font Management button) you can have an icon in the system tray which lets you activate and deactivate groups of fonts with a click, don't even have to open Typograf. If I want to use a fat font I can activate the Fat font group and Presto! all the fat fonts I put in that group show up in PSP's font list. Another click to deactivate that group.

Some nifty stuff in this program.


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That sounds great. I will have to work on organizing my fonts and then some of the other things you mentioned. Thanks for the input.

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I have a question on this program..When I look at some of the fonts, there are some that are repeated 2 or 3 times. Can I delete them, or will that cause a problem.
Thanks ..Bev

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