Is your home designed to shake and hold? - Be Earth Quake ready

johnfrwhippleApril 5, 2010

The research and testings of our new building codes and building science has sadly been tested often with so many earth quakes of late. The good news is so many lives have been saved with all this new technology and so many more will be saved with more refinements to these codes.

I have been reading up on this subject lately as we are getting ready to insulate and drywall my home renovation here in North Vancouver. With every renovation, every bathroom or kitchen remodel we are given an opportunity to beef up this section of a home and make it safer.

I can increase my homes shear strength with many different types of fasteners and tie downs. Each city, province or state has it's own rules and standards. The research coming out of California is very impressive and the extra steps needed to improve a homes ability to shake and hold are really not all that difficult.

A common thread appears in the failures of homes and the loss of life. Contractor short cuts are some of the worse examples, overdriven and undersized fasteners an other, and of course not having any defense at all you are hoping you home just makes it. Fingers Crossed.

We have added many anchor points, many tie downs, tons of straps and a few shear walls. I love the extra effort and piece of mind that comes from this planning and extra efforts.

When your planning your next remodel consider these steps, spend a night of research and plan the best way to protect your home and those under it's roof.


John Whipple

North Vancouver, B.C.

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Any place with an identified earthquake issue normally requires upgrades if major remodeling is undertaken.

In areas without significant risk it is money and resources simply wasted.

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